Protect Your Safety With Brake Services

Are your brakes worrying you? Bring them in for a full inspection. Don’t wait until your brakes stop working completely to have them inspected or repaired, if you suspect there’s a problem. Let our licensed and insured technicians inspect your brakes for wear and tear. You'll get your brakes repaired quickly with outstanding repair service when you need it and keep your family safe. Contact Rhoadstar Tire Center now.
Brake Services

When Should You Get Brake Service?

  • You hear a squealing noise
  • The brakes seem loose
  • They fail to stop the vehicle
  • You stop too slowly
We can handle all your brake needs with services, including fluid leak inspection, replacement pads, brake cleaning, and full replacement. Call us today to schedule your brake inspection and repairs.

Get Brake Repair Whenever You Feel There Is a Need

  • Get a brake inspection
  • Get replacement pads
  • Get full-brake replacement
  • Invest in brake cleaning
  • Brake fluid leak inspection and repairs
Rely on a family-owned business that dates back to 1927 for all of your vehicle needs. Learn more about us and you’ll see why we're the best choice for tires and vehicle repairs.

Number One Source for Brake Repairs

Don’t drive with brakes that show any signs of wear or damage. Let the experts at Rhoadstar Tire Center provide the necessary repairs to keep you and your passengers safe.
Call Now for Brake Service
FREE estimates are available. Call us now.

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